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Handmade products crafted in a creative environment

WallPipe is based in Randers, Denmark, where all of the company’s products are produced in our workshop. Hard work and love have been put into all the products which are produced from scratch by the most skilled craftspeople. WallPipe was established in 2018 by Lisbeth Grove Mikkelsen, which is why we are still a growing company. At WallPipe, we focus on creating a good environment for our workers. Therefore, the energy for the environment in which the products are created is diversity. The core values of WallPipe must always help to create a workplace that is creative and innovative.

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We create hygge in the home

If you want an aesthetic and cosy home, WallPipe has just the thing for you.

At WallPipe, we are committed to creativity and innovation, which is why it’s always possible to find products that express many different approaches and perspectives. At the same time, we are proud to stand for high quality products that are produced from recycled materials. It fills us with pride to know that our productions help to protect the environment we live in.

WallPipe’s philosophy is founded on sustainability

At Wallpipe, we are aware that the future must consist of a sustainable society that focuses on creating products that help sustain the Earth we all must live on for many years to come. Therefore, at WallPipe, you can expect a company that understands that products sent to customers must not only be stylish and creative, but also produced with a focus on sustainability. For this reason, we place great emphasis on all processes surrounding the creation of the products, always adhering to the same principle: interiors should be created in a stylish and innovative way that does not compromise on the sustainability and quality of the product.

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The WallPipe concept

Although we have many different products in our range, it is the WallPipe Black, WallPipe White and WallPipe Grey products that are the foundation of our concept, it is these lights that started WallPipe's adventure. They are the cornerstones of the company and have created a sustainable construct. Our concept is to shoulder social responsibility while we create timeless and raw interiors from recycled water pipes.

You can read much more about these lights and all our other products in their individual product descriptions, here in our online shop.

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As watch-lovers, we believe all watches should have the highest quality and best design. As Danes, we believe in companies that are honest, sustainable, and that put others first.