Customised Products

WallPipe’s products consist of unique and rustic solutions made from recycled water pipes. None of our products are 100% identical because their materials have been used before. But now they can make your company’s interior appear completely unique and take part in this sustainable solution.

WallPipe offers customised products. This means that the hotel rooms, lounge, or restaurant can have its very own design, for example. As a company with a unique style, you can help shape the products down to the smallest detail, so they fit perfectly into your existing interior designs (see references). Let your wishes and dreams be expressed in a customised and sustainable product from WallPipe.

All your company needs to do is contact WallPipe via email or over the phone. If you want a special design or something that is not included in the standard range, this can be developed in a collaboration between WallPipe and your company.

A customised product can be, for example, a special engraving of the hotel’s logo, a unique colour, or a specific size that is not in the standard range.

Send WallPipe an email with your wishes and needs, then we will calculate a price for you. Get your ideas typed up today so we can begin to create an innovative, unique, and sustainable product for your hotel, restaurant, or café.

Make your competitors jealous and display a product that no one else has.

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Shelf plus hanger rod - made of recycled materials and can be made in different sizes.

The clothes rail that does not take up floor space.

If you are the owner of a hotel, overnight accommodation, office, clinic or maybe something completely different, you may be considering how to easily and simply organise outerwear in the hallway or give guests the best place to hang their clothes during their visit. It may also be that you want to create a unique expression through your furnishings. In these circumstances, clothes racks from WallPipe are a good solution.

They can be made in specially designed sizes to fit perfectly into your hotel room or office.

If you are interested in sustainable products for your hotel, café, restaurant, etc., then we are the right company for you. We can customise the products into exactly what you are looking for.

Here is a small selection of examples of what we can do for you.