How WallPipe Works with Sustainability.

Sustainability is a concept that has really gained momentum and appeared on everyone’s lips in recent years. Fortunately, it is encouraging to see the green movement come into focus. Sustainability is about how we can become better at taking care of the Earth and the resources we have available here and now.

When you only produce new products without regard for the environment and the finite resources the Earth has available, you will eventually run out of natural materials. Therefore, a good place to start is by utilising and reusing the products and materials that have already been through the production mill once. And that’s exactly what WallPipe does: taking a used water pipe and giving it a new function and value, also known as upcycling and recycling.

To integrate sustainability into 100% of the company's DNA, we work towards several of the UN's Global Goals. You can read much more about this below.

[THE UN’S GLOBAL GOALS for sustainability development]

The UN’s Global Goals

The UN’s Global GoalsThe Global Goals consist of 17 goals - and a total of 169 sub-goals - which are about solving many of the planet's biggest problems by 2030. We must put an end to extreme poverty and hunger on a global scale, reduce inequality, and fight climate change. We must all - in short - be able to live a good life now and at the same time pass on the world in its best condition to our children. The UN has thus set a common course towards a sustainable future for all who inhabit planet Earth. WallPipe works with 4 of the 17 world goals.

Global Goal no. 4

Global Goal no. 4

WallPipe supports the Danish education system. Among other things, we contribute to the education system by opening 6-8 internship positions each year for students. We support these students’ education, equip them to complete their education successfully, and strengthen their position for when they go out into business. We work in close connection with the business academies on how we can inspire and develop the students’ growth together.

On several occasions during the year, we have students visit where we give them a tour of our creative environment. Then they are given a concrete challenge they must try to solve through innovation.

We are part of Scandinavian Growth Creators

SGC is an EU project that will achieve the goal of strengthening students' innovative skills by creating and testing common models for long-term collaborations between students, academic institutions, and companies. We want to focus on educating "Scandinavian innovators" who can actually create innovation, rather than just identifying areas where innovation can be created.

Global Goal no. 8

Giving value back

We want to create a company that has a socio-economic aspect, where we create jobs for people who normally cannot handle a 9-to-5 schedule. Therefore, the majority of WallPipe employees are made up of Flex workers, each with their own challenges. We take great pride in being able to offer them a job that helps to give value back to the individual in everyday life.

We help other companies

Running a business in this way is a really good match for WallPipe and we believe that several companies can use the same methods/business model with a successful result. That is why we spend time sharing our experiences about CSR and the UN's Global Goals, as well as working with the job centre on recruiting competent and relevant labour – “we must help each other with what works. ” Lisbeth Mikkelsen

Global Goal no. 11

We help Randers achieve the highest recycling rate

Waste and recycling also play a major role in the DK2020 collaboration, which Randers municipality has been selected to participate in. Randers has thus committed to making an effort to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030 - and that we will then become CO2-neutral, as Denmark is currently among the top countries in the world that use the most resources and generate the most waste per capita. And in Randers Municipality, the amount of waste increases year by year. Randers will work with several of the Global Goals, including:

Global Goal 9 - Randers will, for example, promote circular business development among private traders.

Global Goal 12 - Randers will, for example, reduce the climate footprint by reducing waste, sorting waste better, and recycling more.

Global Goal 17 - Randers will be a growth centre for circular utilisation of plastic or textiles, for example.

WallPipe is part of the Advisory Board which will help Randers to achieve the above goals and make concrete recommendations based on knowledge and experience, etc. We take great pride in being able to make a difference both locally and globally.

Global Goal no. 12

100% environmentally friendly products. At WallPipe, we want to stop overconsumption. Therefore, we use materials that would have been thrown away, primarily water pipes, so that as little waste as possible is generated. We do not see the used water pipes as waste, but more as a resource needed to produce durable products.

We are strengthening the circular economy. WallPipe uses recycled materials to produce the products you can find here in our online shop. In a circular economy, the linear economy where the “use-and-throw-away” culture lives is stopped. In circular economy, existing resources are recycled, nothing is lost in production, and the materials retain their value.

Designed to last a long time. Classic and aesthetic design with reference to the New York style. At WallPipe, we want our products to live for as long as possible. That is why we design the products in timeless designs that do not go out of fashion, and therefore they can be used endlessly - regardless of the current trends.

Cooperation with the Recycling Station

We have entered into a collaboration with Randers municipality and the Recycling Station - they have designated a container to us which has been set up at the recycling site in Randers. The purpose of the container is so we can pick up water pipes that would have been thrown out by the local resident. The Recycling Station achieves their goal of creating as little waste as possible.