LuxPipes in Black (Several Variations)


LuxPipes in Black

Most people want to create a cosy atmosphere in their home. One way to create a cosy atmosphere is by incorporating candlesticks into your decor. At WallPipe, we put the materials and history in focus, and therefore it is important to us that we create interior furnishings that contribute a certain story to the space. That is why we have designed 1-leg candlesticks from recycled water tubes, which also provide a sustainable option.

You have the option of buying the candlesticks in five different lengths, so you can mix and match the candlesticks. The different lengths are 10, 14, 18, 22, and 25 cm. So, there is something for everyone. This way, you have the opportunity to decorate your home with candlesticks that have a history and are made sustainably.

The candlesticks can be bought individually or in a box including all 5 sizes, which creates a saving of 12%.

Delivery time is 4-14 days.

Shipping is 27 Euro

LuxPipes in Black (Several Variations) 10cm – 59,75 Euro