WallPipe Black (incl. LED bulb)


One of the light types we sell at WallPipe is the WallPipe Black. This light comes in a black look and is made of recycled iron.

At WallPipe, we work with recycled materials, which is why all our lights have their own history. You will not find two lamps from us that are 100 percent identical. Therefore, it is as if you are buying a piece of history if you buy a WallPipe Black lamp, as well as making a sustainable choice.

The lamp has a cosy look, which helps to create a pleasant atmosphere and a stylish look in your room. It can fit in any kind of room - everywhere from the bedroom to the kitchen.

No one wants their light to have exactly the same history as another. Maybe your light used to hang in an old castle, or it was hung over the dinner table for a family with children for several years. The fact is, that it has been a part of everyday life before and now it is ready to become a part of yours.

WallPipe Black – specifications

It is now possible to buy a WiFi LED bulb, so you can control the brightness and much more with your mobile device - the WiFi bulb is similar to the ones you see in the pictures, in size 125Ø.

You can add the WiFi bulb further down the page.

All our lights are produced from recycled iron.

You get a free LED bulb when you buy this light, all you must do is choose between clear glass, smoked glass, or WiFi bulb for an extra 38 Euro

Delivery time is 4-14 days.

Shipping is 27 Euro

Depth 17 cm.
Height 52 cm.

Socket type

Max watt 40W
Energy class A+
CE approved Yes
Brand WallPipe
Pipe diameter ½”
Cord length 150 cm
Switch on the cord Yes
Material Recycled iron
Light source Incl. LED bulb (value of 30 Euro)

WallPipe Black (incl. LED bulb) Smoked glass / Black