Clothes Rack


WallPipe Clothes rack

When you need to have a hanger or coat rack in your home, there are many different options. If you buy products from WallPipe, you can be sure that the story and materials are in focus. You are also very likely to receive some interior décor that contributes positively to the look of your room. That is why we have designed a sustainable wall mount from recycled water pipes, which makes choosing a wall mount a little easier.

Convenient and easy wall mounted rack

With racks from WallPipe, you have the opportunity to find many different uses for it. You can, for example, use it for storing clothes, kitchen utensils and pans, tea towels, or even in your walk-in closet. It is space saving, and only your imagination sets the limits.

With a WallPipe rack, you have the opportunity to find a solution tailored exactly to your needs. We cut the pipe so that it fits perfectly in your wardrobe.

Depth total 12 cm.

Depth from wall to inside of pipe 10 cm.

  1. Choose the size range you are aiming for
  2. Add to basket and then go to the basket
  3. In the comments field, write the specific desired size

(If no size is noted, it will be made to the largest size in the selected range)

All sizes are external dimensions. However, pay attention to an addition of 2cm on each side due to the round brackets. I.e., if you order a hanger bar of 50 cm it will fill a total of 54 cm.

Delivery time is 4-14 days.

Shipping is 27 Euro


Clothes Rack 0-50cm. 59,00 Euro / No S hooks