DIY Frame for Coffee Table


Create your own coffee table

Can be made in the exact size you need.

You probably notice this when you’re sitting in your living room and looking at your furniture. You either need a coffee table or would like a new one. But it can be difficult to decisively figure out which coffee table to choose, and it can be difficult to find the perfect coffee table to fit your home.

Therefore, it can sometimes be a good idea to choose a tabletop and frame separately.

At WallPipe, we focus on materials and their history, so all our products are created with the idea that they will contribute something to the space. If you cannot decide on a pre-made coffee table, you have the opportunity to buy a sustainable do-it-yourself project from WallPipe.

It is a sustainable solution where you can buy a finished coffee table frame made from recycled water pipes and then make your own tabletop for it.

Height of frame: 40-42 cm.

Diameter: 50 cm.

If you have other goals, just send us an email and we will clarify if we can do them as well.

Delivery time is 4-14 days.

Shipping is 27 Euro


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