DeskPipe Grey incl. bulb


WallPipe is now launching this grey table lamp, which like all our other lights is made from used water pipes. The design is completely unique and comes in a grey look. At WallPipe, we strive to follow the sustainable mindset and spirit, which is why each and every table lamp has its own story. The grey colour and design are, of course, the same for all the table lamps, but since they are made of used water pipes, they have their very own narrative. This means that you won’t find two completely identical table lamps at WallPipe. The scratch that adds character to one table lamp does not exist on any other.

When you buy a table lamp from WallPipe, you therefore also buy a piece of history to take home to your living room or office. The used water pipes are given a new life and can now help to create stories in your own home.

A free bulb is included with the purchase of a table lamp.

It is now possible to buy a WiFi LED bulb, so you can control the brightness and much more with your mobile device - the WiFi bulb is similar to the ones you see in the pictures, in size 85Ø.

You can add the WiFi bulb further down the page.

Delivery time is 4-14 days

Shipping is 27 Euro

Height 34 cm.
Socket type E27
Max watt 40W
Energy class A+
CE approved Yes
Brand WallPipe
Pipe diameter ½”
Cable length 150 cm
Switch on the cord Yes
Material Recycled iron
Light source Incl. LED bulb (value of 30 Euro)
DeskPipe Grey incl. bulb Clear glass / Black cord