WallPipe White (incl. LED bulb)


The WallPipe White lamp is 100% unique and made from recycled materials, all of which are distinctive in appearance and style. This light is made from white recycled iron, which forms the foundation of the light itself which is attached to the wall and what the bulb is mounted on.

You can be 100% sure that your WallPipe White light does not look like anyone else's because we use materials from different places and of different looks and ages. This means that we can make two WallPipe White lights at the same time, but the end results will be very different in appearance, because one is made of iron from a factory in Southern Jutland, and the other is made of water pipes from the 60s on a farm in Funen, for example.

WallPipe White – Specifications

It is now possible to buy a WiFi LED bulb, so you can control the brightness and much more with your mobile device - the WiFi bulb is similar to the ones you see in the pictures, in size 125Ø.

You can add the WiFi bulb further down the page.

While all our WallPipe White lights are unique, there are some specifications that are repeated on all of them and that we try to meet to keep them fairly similar in expression. We do this, among other reasons, to ensure that the pictures we show on our online shop show what you can expect of the light you buy. Of course, this does not mean that all lights of this type are identical.

All our lights are produced from recycled iron.

You get a free LED bulb when you buy this light, all you must do is choose between clear or smoked glass.

Delivery time is 4-14 days.

Shipping is 27 Euro

Depth 17 cm.
Height 52 cm.

Socket type

Max watt 40W
Energy class A+
CE approved Yes
Brand WallPipe
Pipe diameter ½”
Cord length
150 cm
Switch on the cord Yes
Material Recycled iron
Light source Incl. LED bulb (value of 30 Euro)

WallPipe White (incl. LED bulb) Smoked glass / Black